Bosch 06019F30K2 GSB-1080 Li Cordless Drill

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Price Comparison of Bosch 06019F30K2 GSB-1080 Li Cordless Drill :-

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Features of Bosch 06019F30K2 GSB-1080 Li Cordless Drill :-

  • For any queries please contact Customer Service Number – 1800-425-8665 (Toll free)
  • Warranty – 6 months from the date of invoice (provide invoice copy to claim warranty)
  • Optimized torque for screwdriving and speed for drilling with 2-speed gear box
  • Precise Torque Delivery: With 20-step torque settings and 2 drill modes
  • Easy Accessory Changes: With single sleeve chuck
  • Flexibility in Applications: Users are able to drill into wood, steel, and masonry
  • Bosch’s Electronic Cell Protection (ECP): Results in extended battery lifetime
  • Maximum Torque (Hard Screwdriving Applications): 28 Nm, Maximum Torque (Soft Screwdriving Applications): 11 Nm
  • No-load speed (1st Gear/2nd Gear): 0-400 /1300 rpm
  • Maximum Impact Rate: 18750 bpm, Chuck Clamping Range: 0.3-10 mm
  • Battery Voltage: 10, 8 volts, Battery capacity: -1, 5 Ah
  • Torque Settings: 20
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Li Cordless Drill with one battery (included in drill), 4 Wood Drill Bits, 4 Masonry Drill Bits, 4 Metal Drill Bits, 10 Screwdriver Bits, 1 Magnetic Holder, 35 Chipboard Screws, 42 Plastic Plugs.

Description of Bosch 06019F30K2 GSB-1080 Li Cordless Drill :-

Bid Goodbye to your Carpenter

Get on board with the future of DIY with the Bosch GSB 1080-2 Li, one of the best cordless tools available in the Indian market today. What sets it apart is the fact that it is completely cordless and can work independently anywhere, anytime, without electricity! Which means you can be at the top of a hill, knee deep in water, in a dark area (it comes with an LED illuminator) and you will still be able to drill away. It’s one of a kind cordless battery self-protects against overload and over-heating, making it long-lasting and a complete value for your money

The Lifestyle Drill

Sleek and smart design

Compact and slim, the GSB 1080-2 Li is designed for the modern DIYer looking for the ideal drill for indoor and outdoor tasks. Enjoy the flexibility of a cordless drill, packed with all the features of a corded one. Simplify projects including overhead ones thanks to its exemplified torque power, which supports applications like drilling and screwdriving.

Rough and tough

A combination of a regular drill driver, a hammer drill and an impact driver in one compact tool, the GSB 1080-2 Li is aimed to get the job done effortlessly in wood, metal and concrete. This multi-functional impact aspect of the drill allows users greater flexibility and independence as they go about their projects, when compared to corded drill.

A drill that works on a rechargeable battery

You are guaranteed a long run time on this drill with its rechargeable 10.8 volts lithium battery. Charging the battery is super simple thanks to its adapter which can be done anywhere and anytime. Being of high quality lithium ion, you are guaranteed of a long battery life with the GSB 1080-2 Li.

Ultimate tool with T-grip

Always enjoy ease of movement and convenience while working with the ergonomically designed T-grip feature which provides a pistol handle like grip which enhances usage.

Move from drilling to screwdriving in seconds

A corded drill that doubles up as a screwdriver – now that’s convenience and innovation exemplified! To shift modes on the GSB 1080-2 Li, simply slide theswitch on the upper surface of the drill, which helps you shift between modes easily. On the drill mode, you can use the appropriate bits to work your way through concrete, wood and metal. On the screwdriver or rotary mode, you can use appropriate screwdriver bits to insert nails and plugs into various surfaces.

Change accessories on the go

Shift between accessories as you go with the in-built single sleeve chuck feature that aids in quick changes of bits. You don’t need additional accessories like a key chuck anymore, just twist the bit holder and change accessories with ease.

High powered

Enjoy the power of optimized torque power with 15+1 clutch settings in the GSB 1080-2Li. The 2-speed gearbox which helps you moderate speed and force for different applications. Increase and decrease speed while drilling, and manipulate the torque level during rotary functions as per your desire, as this high impact cordless drill works to ensure you have the most comfortable experience every single time.

Change modes with ease

Change the direction of rotation on your impact drill to clockwise or anticlockwise by simply using the forward/reverse switch. This change must necessarily be made only once the tool is at a complete standstill. This switch can be found at the bottom centre of the impact drill which needs to be clutched to shift the direction of rotation.

Let’s Get Started

Whats in the kit?

The Bosch GSB 1080-2 Li comes packed in a convenient and portable plastic case, along with an AL 1110 CV charger and a 1.5 Ah Lithium-ion battery.

Drill bits

Wood drill bits: 1 each of 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm. These are appropriate while working on wooden surfaces.

Masonry drill bits: 1 each of 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm. These are appropriate while working on concrete surfaces.

Metal drill bits: 1 each of 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm. These are appropriate while working on metal surfaces.

Driving bits

Screwdriver bits: Bits for all rotary related work while screwing and unscrewing nails and plugs into any surface. 2 Philips bits, 2 Pozidiv bits, 2 Slotted bits, 2 Hexagonal bits and 2 Torx bits are included in the kit.

Magnetic holder

The universal magnetic holder has been devised for quick bit changes, supporting a firm hold for better productivity. It has a strong core owing to its magnetic properties and secures bits safely in place. The kit includes 1 Magnetic 60 mm long with ball catch groove.

Chipboard screw

3 mm x 30 mm (17 nos.), 4 mm x 40 mm (10 nos.), 5 mm x 50 mm (8 nos.)

Plastic plug

5 mm x 25 mm (22 nos.), 5 mm x 30 mm (12 nos.), 8 mm x 35 mm (8 nos.)

Functionality of drill bits

The GSB 1080-2 Li works with both drill bits and screwdriver bits. While drilling, choose bits according to the surface and depth of drilling required, the usual being bits appropriate for metal, concrete and wood surfaces.On rotary mode, screwdriving bits of different kinds can be used for various actions such as nails, screws, nuts and bolts and the important accessory here being plugs, which are inserted prior to the screws to prolong longevity and strength of the rotary action.

No. Part Type Quantity
1 HSS Drill Bit 4.0 – 5.0 – 6.0 – 8.0 mm 4
2 Masonary Drill Bit 4.0 – 5.0 – 6.0 – 8.0 mm 4
3 Wood Drill Bit 4.0 – 5.0 – 6.0 – 8.0 mm 4
4 Screwdriver Bit Philips PH1 – PH2

Pozidiv PZ1 – PZ2

Slotted SL4 – SL6

Hexagonal H4 – H5

Torx T20 – T25


5 Universal Holder Magnetic 60 mm long with ball with ball catch groove 1
6 Chipboard Screw 3.0 x 30 mm 17
7 Chipboard Screw 4.0 X 50 mm 10
8 Chipboard Screw 5.0 X 50 mm 8
9 Plastic Plug 5 x 25 mm 22
10 Plastic Plug 6 x 30 mm 12
11 Plastic Plug 8 x 35 mm 8

Get fixing with GSB 1080-2 Li

Fixing your doors

We have all wasted precious moments waiting for the carpenter to complete mundane tasks such as fixing door numbers and drilling holes. Keep your problems at bay with the GSB 1080-2 Li that allows you to create drill precise holes and a rotary function which helps insertion or removal of nails and plugs.

Hanging shelves on walls

This particular task is one that requires great accuracy and with an easy to handle drill like the GSB 1080-2 Li at your disposal, your shelves will be hanging in no time at all. The lightweight and easy grip of this cordless drill helps you adjust your shelf, while drilling holes in a suitable way without causing any fatigue. Attach and secure the appropriate drill bit using the sleeve chuck. Next change the bit to a screwdriver one, lock the speed and insert a nylon plug followed by a nail and hang your shelves on the desired spot.

Fixing a flat screen TV on the wall

Installing your TV at a particular height on the wall has its fair share of complications. For one, you need to get the position and leveling on point and secondly, your nails need to be drilled in well.After drilling the hole, make sure you insert a Fischer plug first, followed by the screw to ensure that the TV is fixed on the wall securely. Begin by using a drill bit on your charged cordless GSB1080-2 Li, drill a hole into your wall deep enough to hold the TV. Changing to screwdriver bits, insert a Fischer plug securely into the drilled hole followed up by inserting the screw in finally. Hoist the TV and place the holds correctly over the drilled nails and secure its position carefully, only letting go when you are certain that it is held properly.

Replacing a broken chair handle

If you catch a wooden chair with a loose handle that has been pleading to be fixed, well, your job just got simpler with the GSB 1080-2 Li! All you need to do is unscrew the current nails and clean out the dowel area well, drill holes of the same size again and finish off by removing all old scraps and cleaning any shards using a sharp knife.Then place new dowels into the newly cleaned and drilled holes, and apply glue all over the dowels using a glue gun. Complete your project by screwing in the newly drilled and glued dowels into the arm holes of the chair and your chair handle is as good as new.

Technical Details
Torque, Max. (Hard Screw Driving Application) 28 nm
No-Load Speed (1st Gear / 2nd Gear) 0 – 400 / 1,300 rpm
Max. Drilling Diameter in Wood 19 mm
Max. Drilling Diameter in Steel 6 mm
Max. Drilling Diameter in Masonry 8 mm
Torque Settings 20
Chuck Clamping Range 0.3 – 10 mm
Battery Voltage 10.8 v
Toolholder Three Jaw Chuck

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