Bosch GSB RE 450W kit With Carton Box

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Price Comparison of Bosch GSB RE 450W kit :-

Features of Bosch GSB RE 450W kit :-

  • Easy to use with drilling diameter: 10 millimeters
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: MS and Plastic
  • Operating Power: 450 watts
  • Used for minor plumbing or repairing tasks and mounting photo frame or paintings
  • Impact Rate 0-41600 bpm
  • Concrete – 10mm
  • Metal – 8 mm
  • Wood – 20 mm
  • Weight (Drill Machine) 1.5 Kgs
  • Customer Service Number: 18004258665

Description of Bosch GSB RE 450W kit :-

The 450 RE drill machine from Bosch – for easy drilling and general maintenance and repair. Designed for easy use, the hammer drill can be used to punch neat holes in various materials like concrete, metal or wood. Its rapid hammering action allows the drill to easily perforate holes.

Package Contains: 450 W Hammer Drill with Reverse Drill Bits for Walls, Wood and Metal||Accessories Included: 4 Concrete Drill Bits, 4 Metal Drill Bits, 4 Wood Drill Bits, 10 Screwdriver Bits, 1 Bit Holder, 30 Screws, 30 Nylon Plugs.

From the Manufacturer

Ease of use and ergonomic design

Available in a highly compact kit, this product will definitely attract you with its classic design and smooth finish. Unlike other drills which weigh a lot, this 1.5 kg drill makes tedious jobs like repairing and fixing simple and stress-free. Now, you can take charge of your own projects, at your own pace without any difficulty.

Forward/reverse mode

The forward mode helps in the insertion of nails, screws, bolts whereas the reverse mode helps in the removal of the same. You can also easily shift between the forward and reverse modes with the click of a button and you are ready to go!

Usage of all the components

This user-friendly kit features a powerful 450 watt hammer drill with a reverse function for wood, concrete and metal. The kit also has 4 concrete drill bits with a diameter range of 6, 8 and 10 mm, 4 metal drill bits with a diameter range of 6, 8 and 10 mm, and 4 wood drill bits with a diameter range of 6, 8 and 10 mm for tear-free application and a clean finish. We also offer 10 screwdriver bits for inserting screws in fixtures, tables, chairs, doors etc. Also with a collection of 30 screws and nylon plugs, you are guaranteed a clean finish and strong accessories to support all your wall hangings and paintings.

Getting Started
Decorate your house with unforgettable moments

Be your home’s personal stylist with the 450 RE drilling set. It works brilliantly on concrete, wood and metal, and lets you drill clean and perforated holes on any surface. So start decorating those walls by drilling holes and installing suitable screws and watch your home transform into a beautiful space you love to go back to.

Steps for changing bits

While changing bits, turn off your drill function and proceed to use the key chuck placed to the bottom of your impact drill and loosen the bit holder at the tip of the drill. Follow up by inserting the key chuck in the holes around the holder to loosen it, after which you can remove the current bit. Thereby, fix your new bit as deep as possible into the key chuck and secure the holder into place.

Impact and screwdriving mode

Devised for a consumer friendly drilling experience, the rotary function helps you punch clean and neat holes on metal and wooden surfaces, while the drill function allows you to do the same on concrete surfaces. The rotary mode is also applicable for the screwdriving function. Its rapid hammering option produces an action of 41,600 blows per minute. It also comes with an option of switching between drilling and screwdriving modes with a click on the switch placed on top of the drill.

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