Bosch – Skil F015.6510.JL Impact Driver

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  • Brand: Bosch-Skil
  • Warranty Period: 6 months
  • Material: Not Mentioned
  • Model Number: F015.6510.jl
  • Dimensions: NA
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • SUPC: SDL686081619

If you are a professional or someone who prefer doing all the repairing and fixing work of your own, then Skil 6510 Impact Drill 450w 10mm Vari-Speed Reversible is for you. This is something that is highly essential for home maintenance, Garage work and even office maintenance. This multi-function product makes it suitable for drilling in wall, wood, metal and even in plastic.

This particular impact drill from the house of Skil comes with forward/reverse switch and variable speed function that makes it suitable for screw driving and removing old screws. You can use this drill for making bigger holes and cutouts. You can do so by using the optional hole saw cutter attachment.

Ergonomic in design, this impact drill features optimal grip area that helps in comfortable gripping. It has reliable motor of 450W with needle and ball bearing system. Users can easily control the device with the built-in two fingers variable speed trigger. Equipped with both forward and reverse button, this impact drill also has lock on button for continuous application.

Being lightweight, you can easily handle this device. The drilling capacity of this device is 10mm (Steel), 16mm (masonry), 30mm (wood). The net weight of this product is only 1.8kg.

This is a great home improvement product to go for as it has all the essential features to serve your purpose whether it’s repairing or fixing. Products manufactured by this particular brand are known for their high-end performance and durability. Comfortable and easy to use, this product will help you in performing your task easily. You can either buy online or you can have it from your nearby store.

From the Manufacturer

Easy to use

The Skil 6510 comes packed with a series of features which make your job a lot easier and reduces effort such as the built-in variable speed control switch and the continuous drill mode, both of which allow you to go from 0 – 3,000 rpm in a matter of seconds. It also comes with a multi-use feature that facilitates easy shifting between drilling to screwdriving modes.

Ergonomic design

Designed for convenient working, the Skil 6510 features an optimal grip area that provides the ultimate stability while drilling. It comes with a pistol style handle which makes drilling in hard to reach places a smooth task.

Variable speed trigger

Stay in control of the speed at which you are drilling or screwdriving with the variable speed trigger which helps you shuttle between different speeds with the click of a button depending on different aspects of a project.

Powerful motor

With a power output of 450 W, the Skil 6510 is one of the most powerful in its range with an impact rate of 0 – 48,000 bpm which helps in drilling neat perforated holes in wood, concrete, metal and even plastic.

Getting Started

Accessory with the tool

Key chuck

Insert and remove drill bits with ease while working on different surfaces with the key chuck that comes attached to the bottom of your drill.

Accessories in the carton

Featured in this carton are 1 drill machine and 1 key chuck which come together to make work both effortless and improve functionality.

Functionality of the forward /reverse mode

Change the direction of rotation on your impact drill to clockwise or anticlockwise by simply using the forward/reverse switch. This change must necessarily be made only once the tool is at a complete standstill. This switch can be found at the bottom centre of the impact drill which needs to be clutched to shift the direction of rotation.

Functionality of screwdriver mode

The Skil 6510 also doubles up as a screwdriver. To shift modes, simply slide the switch on the upper surface of the drill, which helps you shift between modes easily.

Functionality of the continuous drill mode

The impact drill comes with a very convenient switch which locks the speed you are working on to ensure a consistent drilling experience, especially for beginners. This small black switch positioned on the left surface of the impact drill, just needs to be clicked once in order to lock the speed of drilling, a feature that is very helpful when you desire a constant speed while working on projects.

Working with the Skil 6510 impact drill!
Adding décor accents to your bathroom

Everyone wants to make their bathrooms match the décor standards of the rest of their home and a new trend that is catching on is adding frames with quotes or pretty prints on the walls of bathrooms. To do this, first select a frame with a hanger at the back and pick a screw that fits that hole exactly. Next, choose a drill bit based on your wall’s surface and drill in a hole that would fit the screw using the Skil 6510 impact drill. Next, put in an S-Plug to hold the screw securely, use the screwdriver mode to add the screw and hang your frame to add a touch of beauty to your bathroom wall!

Fixing shelves in your showpiece stand

A lot of people have been ordering showpiece stands which come pretty much installed with the exception of the shelves or separators. These can be installed without any stress using the multi-function Skil 6510. For this, simply mark out where you want to install the shelves by using a measuring tape to ensure equal distances between each shelf. Next, take the bottom holders for each and screw in using the rotary mode of the drill. Then, rest the wood pieces of each shelf on the holders and mark out where you need to make holes to secure them using a pencil. Drill in holes using a wood drill bit and then screw in nails to hold the shelves to the holder. Check for stability and there you have it, shelves to display all your collectables!

Installing a planter on an outdoor wall

Colourful planters overflowing flowers add the perfect splash of fun to your home’s outside walls, turning something plain into something attractive and inviting. Planters are essentially metal cans which come in various sizes with a holder that you need to attach to your wall. All you need to do is add soil and seeds for a flowery addition to your home. Choose the spot you want to hang your planter, mark it using a pencil, followed by drilling in a hole using a masonry drill bit and your Skil 6510 drill. Insert an S-Plug and use the rotary function to add the screw and secure. Hang your planter and take in nature’s touch right at home!


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