Eveready HL52 Rechargeable Home Light Yellow

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Price Comparison of Eveready HL52 Rechargeable Home Light :-

Features of Eveready HL52 Rechargeable Home Light :-

  • Equipped with 30+9 LEDs
  • 360° Flexible Head for Multi Directional Light
  • Built-in Deep Discharge and Overcharge Protection
  • Separate Switch for LED Torch and Deep Discharge Protection
  • Can be used as a Table-light with 180° Swivel and Light Output of 15 hrs
  • 3-in-1 Emergency Rechargeable light; Study Light and a Docused Torch Light
  • Maintenance Free Rechargeable Light
  • Sturd Plastic Body and Handle for Ease of Use

Description of Eveready HL52 Rechargeable Home Light :-

Power cuts are an inconvenience almost everyone faces on a daily basis. But luckily, gone are the days when we have to keep scurrying around in the dark to find candles and matches, burning our fingers with the ends of the match and scraping lines of wax from the table or floor. These days there are all kinds of refuge from all that drama, the Eveready emergency light is a great investment to save you from a lot of trouble.

Material and Design
The Eveready emergency light is made of a sturdy plastic body with a comfortable handle to carry it around from room to room or even outdoors. It has a unique 360-degree flexible head, which provides light in any direction.

Unique Features and Uses
This handy portable light comes equipped with 30+9 LEDs, which provide bright and powerful light. It can be used as an emergency light, table light with an 180-degree swivel and also as a focused torch light.

Long-Term Investment
This rechargeable light available online at Savings Bazar comes with a 16 hours light output and a separate switch for the LED torch. It also has built-in deep discharge and overcharge protection, which gives it a long life.

Eveready Industries India Ltd or EIIL was established in 1905 and used to go by the name Union Carbide India Limited. Its main products include batteries; it sells more than a billion zinc batteries a year, making it the largest producer of this product in the world. The company behind Eveready is more than 100 years old today and is a trusted name in the industry. Eveready is the largest seller of dry cell batteries and flashlights in India.

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