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Price Comparison of Eveready RF03 Table Fan :-

  • Buy from Amazon for Rs. 2,879/-
  • Buy from Snapdeal for Rs. 2,999/-
  • Buy from Flipkart for Rs. 2,910 + Rs. 70 Delivery Charges

Features of Eveready RF03 Table Fan :-

  • Table fan which can work during power cuts as well
  • Works on AC-DC
  • Maintenance free rechargeable solution
  • SMPS Charging for faster charge
  • Backup Fan: 4.5-8 hours
  • H-M-L speed modes
  • 4 LED bright white light
  • Night glow switch
  • Over charge and deep discharge protection
  • Includes: 1 Base control unit, 1 Motor stand, 1 Fan blade, 1 Back guard, 1 Front guard, 1 Fan blade fixing knob, 1 Guard strap and 1 Power cable

Description of Eveready RF03 Table Fan :-

Eveready 14 inch RF03 is a highly efficient table fan that produces cool air even when there is a power cut. This fan works on AC/DC and gives you a backup time of 4.5 hours to 9 hours approximately, when fully charged for 10-12 hours.

Furthermore, with the Night Glow Switch and the 4 LED White bright light, the RF03 by Eveready also works as a night lamp. With the adjustable head, this fan by Eveready comes along with 6 months Eveready India warranty.


3 Speed Options

Eveready 14 inch RF03 offers you 3 speed options that help you in customising the speed of the fan according to your need. It consists of High, Medium and Low speed options, which can be easily adjusted by simply turning the knob.

Backup Time of Fan

With the new Eveready 14 inch RF03, you don’t have to bother even if there is frequent power cut in your area. This highly efficient table fan by Eveready comes along with a Backup Time of 4.5-9 hours. You just have to fully charge the battery for approximately 10-12 hours and the battery gives you an appropriate running time.

Night Glow Switch

How about if your table fan also works as a night lamp? The highly advanced Eveready 14 inch RF03 consists of 4 LED White bright light and a Night Glow Switch that are meant to work as a night lamp, when there is a power cut during the night. This fan by Eveready has been especially designed to work even when there is a power cut. These latest features make the RF03, one of the best suitable table fans for those areas, where the electricity is not always available.

Overcharge & Deep Discharge Protection

Eveready 14 inch RF03 comes with Overcharge and Deep Discharge Protection. It means your fan remains completely protected against the damages that can occur due to the overcharging of this table fan or due to deep discharging. Therefore, you can put the fan at charging without any botheration.

Adjustable Head

The RF03 by Eveready comes with an adjustable head that enables you in turning and adjusting the head according to your convenience. It adds to the hassle free usage of this table fan.

Six Months Eveready India Warranty

This table fan by Eveready can now be easily ordered online at the India’s largest online marketplace – Snapdeal.com. It provides you the new Eveready 14 inch RF03 at the lowest price available for this highly efficient fan online. In addition to this, Snapdeal.com also offers you 6 months Eveready India warranty on this product. The warranty ensures complete protection of your table fan against all sorts of defects in its manufacturing. In case you ever find any such defect, you can contact to your nearest service centre authorised by Eveready. The company will repair or replace the fan or its parts free of cost, if it is within the warranty period.

About Eveready

Eveready is a highly renowned and recognised brand, which caters to many different categories of the consumer goods. Present in India since 1905, Eveready is a flagship company of the B. M. Khaitan Group. Eveready consists of a wide portfolio of the various consumer goods i.e. Dry Cell Batteries, Flashlights, CFL’s, Packet Tea and many other products at competitive price.

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