Orpat OEI-717 TC Steam Spray Iron

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Price Comparison of Orpat OEI-717 TC Steam Spray Iron :-

  • Buy from Amazon for Rs. 845/-
  • Buy from Snapdeal for Rs. 926/-
  • Buy from Flipkart for Rs. 915/- (May Be Sold Out)

Features of Orpat OEI-717 TC Steam Spray Iron :-

  • Please wait for some time for the iron to heat up. Only then you can use the steam function effectively. If the iron is not heated enough and steam function is used, it will lead to water leakage
  • Teflon coated sole plate
  • Self clean function
  • Pointed tip reaches into tricky areas
  • 350 ml large transparent water tank
  • Rotating swivel cord
  • Adjustable steam control
  • Temprature control dail
  • Power: 1000 watts; Operating voltage: 230 volts

Description of Orpat OEI-717 TC Steam Spray Iron :-

If you are looking for an iron that is feature-rich and easy to use, take a look at the Orpat OEI-717 TC. The iron consumes 1400 W and has features like temperature control, steam burst and water level indication. You can shop online at Snapdeal for this blue Orpat iron at an affordable price. It even comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Steam ironing will remove wrinkles and stubborn creases quickly and give your clothes a fresh, crisp look. It also helps to save time as you do not have to iron over the same area of the fabric more than once to achieve a wrinkle-free look.

Teflon Coated Sole Plate

The Orpat OEI-717 TC has a Teflon coated sole plate. The non-stick nature of the sole plate enables smooth movement. The iron glides over whatever fabric is placed on the ironing board without sticking to it. The design and the size of the sole plate, the pointed tip and the number and the position of the steam holes also influence how smoothly the iron moves.

Thermal Fuse and Swivel Cord

The thermal fuse of this iron is a safety feature. This prevents the iron from overheating and getting damaged. The swivel cord makes this iron easy to maneuver. It can be moved in multiple directions and thereby reduces the effort required to iron.

Thermostatic Control

A rather useful feature of the Orpat OEI-717 TC is the built-in thermostat. The advantage of this feature is that it allows you to choose a temperature setting that complements the fabric that you wish to iron. Use the adjustable control dial to select a lower temperature for delicate materials like silk and medium to high temperatures for materials like cotton, linen, denim, etc.


The Orpat OEI-717 TC is light in weight and measures 29 cm in length, 12 cm in breadth and 15.5 cm in height. One of the main benefits of using an iron that is light in weight is that your arm and wrist will not ache, even if you are ironing a large number of clothes.

350 ml Water Tank Capacity and Water Level Indicator

The water tank capacity of this iron is 350 ml and it has a water level indicator too. However, if you wish to, you can also use this iron like a dry iron.

Auto-Clean Option and Ergonomic Design

In addition to an ergonomic design that allows for a comfortable grip, the iron also has an auto-clean feature that makes it easy to maintain.

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