Pureit Classic WPWS100 14Litres Water Purifier

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Price Comparison of Pureit Classic WPWS100 14Litres Water Purifier :-

Features of Pureit Classic WPWS100 14Litres Water Purifier :-

  • Note: The Transparent Chamber of the purifier can store 5 litres of water. If the transparent chamber is full, please do not fill water in the Top Chamber as this will cause the water to overflow and leak. Please empty the transparent chamber once it is filled completely.
  • Clear, odourless, safe and great tasting water (5 litres storage)
  • No gas, no electricity required
  • No plumbing or expensive maintenance required
  • Meets stringent US EPA norms
  • Advanced Auto Shut off: Water shuts off when Germkill Kit is exhausted and turns red
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Install the product as per the guidelines given
  • Customer service number:18602101000
  • Note:Please do not fill water above the mentioned capacity.

Description of Pureit Classic WPWS100 14Litres Water Purifier :-

There are varieties of impurities that come with drinking water these days and relying solely on filtering drinking water with just alum and sieve can be harmful to anyone who consumes that water. Bring home the Hindustan Unilever Pureit Classic water purifier which purifies your tap water without using gas or electricity, bringing you safe and pure drinking water. This water filter comes with a 6 months warranty that will warrant you against repairs and maintenance except for the cost of the Germkill Kit. Buy this ideal purifier only on Snapdeal at a highly reasonable price.

No Gas or Electricity Or Tap Connection

It would surprise everyone that this hygienic purifier, does not require any sort of gas or electricity connection to function, which also makes it easy to carry and place anywhere you like in your house. This non electric purifier doesn’t require the complication of tap connection and runs on a manual filling.

4 Stage Purification with Germkill

The Hindustan Unilever Pureit Classic water purifier is equipped with the trademark Germkill technology that purifies water in 4 different stages to make it entirely safe. The Microfiber Mesh removes visible dust and dirt from the water. Parasites and pesticides are cleared with the help of Compact Carbon Trap. Germkill Processor works to free the water from virus and bacteria and finally the polisher gets rid of chlorine to give clear, natural tasting drinking water.

Germkill Life Indicator

The unique alerting mechanism in the Hindustan Unilever Pureit Classic water purifier notifies you with an indicator light, a few days in advance, whenever the Germkill kit is in need of replacement. When the light indicator is on, you can replace the Germkill kit in a few days and get pure drinking water without interruption.

Purification Capacity

This sturdy purifier has a total capacity of 14 litres of water. This filter has a life of 1500 litres, making it last long and give pure filtered water.

Storage Capacity

The compact storage tank of the purifier can store 5 litres of water, which is recommended for small and nuclear families.

Advanced Auto Shut-Off

Due to some reasons, you might not be able to replace the Germkill Kit, but that will not stop the supply of pure water for you. This hygienic filter’s Advanced Auto Shut Off feature will, by design, stop the water flow until it is replaced. This ensures that your family members always drink safe water.

Engineering Grade Plastic Body

The storage tank, as well as the outer body of the Hindustan Unilever Pureit Classic water purifier, is manufactured using food-safe, non-toxic, engineering plastic which retains the essential minerals and freshness of water.

Free from AMC, USEPA Certified Product

Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency, USA, this water filter does not require an annual maintenance contract. Service queries can be lodged on the 24*7 call centre.


No installation required. You can straightaway pour water and start having purified water.


6 months warranty


The GKK installed has capacity of 1000 L depending upon quality of input water . After that you can buy an GKK with different capacity ranging from 1500 L – 3000L having price range of 550 – 1000.

Purifier Capacity for a day

There is no cap on purification capacity. You can pour water and get purified water whenever you want.

Type of Water

This only works for Soft waters like corporation or municipality supplied water, water that has been treated once before.

Postion – Table top

Filter Capacity – 1000L

Filter Change

You can change filter whe you see indicator goes partial red. You can get GKK filter from Snapdeal. After purchase regicter replacement request to Pureit customer support. A pureit executive would visit your house and get the filter replaced.

Auto Cut Off

Water automatically stops when filter capactiy exhausted ensuring purity of water.

Filter Cost

Filter costs from 550 to 1000 depending on capacitty of filter.

Purifier on non electricity

This is gravity purifier. Hence it sahll provide you purified water without electricity.

Pres sedimanet filter – Not required


UK Trade & Investment India Business Awards,Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand,The Water Digest- Water Awards, Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Service Award, The Water Digest- Water Awards – Marvella, Verified Market Leadership Award, Golden Peacock Awards.


No AMC requierd. You need to buy GKK as and when required.

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