Landmark Pedal Mini Upright Stationary Exercise Bike (Black)

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Lowest Price Of Landmark Pedal Mini Upright Stationary Exercise Bike (Black)

Description Of Landmark Pedal Mini Upright Stationary Exercise Bike (Black)

  • Its display function shows workout time, number of rotations completed, estimated burn calories, rotations per minute.
  • Its SCAN feature shows all your measurements together.
  • It has Anti Skidding Rubber Shoes to avoid sliding of peddler exerciser
  • No Assembling Required.
  • Easy to fold and unfold.

Display Functions: CNT: Count of rotations TIME: Workout Duration CAL: Calories Burned R.P.M: Rotations Per Minute SCAN: It shows all the above functions together. How Display Functions Work: Just turn on the display. Press the red button and start pedaling. When you will stop pedaling it get shut down after 4 minutes automatically. And when you will again start your activity the display functions will also be activated. Means, the display functions would get paused when you will stop exercising & start working again when you will start doing exercising. To toggle between them you can press the red button. Description: ASP fitness pro bike is a peddler exercise bike with display functions. It basically helps to increase the mobility of the joints like knees, shoulder, elbows and hip joints. Also it strengthens legs and arms. It is a light weight exercising machine which you can place over a mat anywhere in your house. The display functions like CNT, TIME, CAL, R.P.M & SCAN will help you monitor all your activities. Benefits: • Improves the mobility of joints • Strengthen legs & arms • Best equipment for old people who cannot move their joints • Good for the people having fractures to give light exercise


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